General help questions

What is Dailymuse?
Dailymuse is your daily call to action. You curate your favourite quotes, goals, lists, words or anything else that starts you on the right track for the day by collecting them here as notes. We pick one of these notes at random and send it you once a day via email.
Why should I subscribe?
Dailymuse is a small product, but it still requires resources to run and those resources cost money to run. The money from subscriptions is used towards the running of Dailymuse as a service but it will also be used to improve the service over time.
How do I delete my account?

Services like to stop their users from deleting their accounts by providing obscure steps or processes to deleting their accounts and thereby losing another customer. We don't want to be like that. If you're unhappy with the service that Dailymuse or it isn't of any use to you then please feel free to delete your account. Please remember that when you delete your account you will lose all of your notes.

You can delete your account here.

How can I get help?
The quickest way to get help is by sending us an email.